Sauna therapy is not a simple visit to the sauna that you might be used to; it’s so much more! Sauna has always had a spot in Estonian cultural heritage. It has been a holy place for Estonians through centuries. Thinking, healing and giving birth was all done in the sauna. Sauna is the place where Estonians relax and find their inner balance and force. 

The modern Estonian uses the sauna for relaxation. 
Going to the sauna can help with various diseases, for example it alleviates diseases connected with the respiratory system like bronchitis and asthma. High blood pressure can be controlled by regular visits to the sauna. Sauna is especially effective against stiffness of joints and muscles. 

We offer not just a trip to the sauna, but sauna therapy, to make your sauna journey that much more effective. 

Our masters of the sauna will offer you a real and authentic sauna experience! 

First things first, your body will be heated in the sauna, followed by a little cooldown. Back to the sauna, where you can lay on your stomach and relax while your skin is cleaned with natural products. After, you will be whisked in a pleasant tempo and a special technique that will warm your joints and muscles and take you into a pleasant, meditative state. 

After, you will be offered refreshments to prepare you for the honey massage, which is done right in the sauna. Between all the procedures, you will have the chance to drink water or a refreshing cup of sauna tea. We recommend you to take the day following the sauna therapy off so the body has a chance to rest and restart itself.