It is possible to rent rooms for various therapies in the Maavägised Traditional Medicine Center. Our center is cozy, quiet and warm. Many therapists from different fields work here. Initially, this nice nest was created as a place offering Estonian traditional medicine, but since there is a lot of space and it is not possible to use everything alone, the decision was made to divide the therapy rooms with walls and rent them out. We have masters of shamanistic healing, classical massage enthusiasts, breathing and voice therapists, specialists in holistic regression therapy, oriental therapists, mud therapy, etc. Everyone who needs a room with good energy and nice people is welcome.

Our rental room has a couch, two armchairs, a table, a low cabinet, candlesticks, a music center (USB, CD), a massage table and a massage mat.

You can use candles, tea and coffee.

It is also possible to use the waiting room, shower room, toilet.



1h/6€;  1,5h/8€;  2h/€;   2,5h/€;  3h/14€; 3,5h/16€;   4h/18€;  terve päev/20€

For booking call +3725066020 or write