The old Estonians have practiced this massage for thousands of years, each in their own, a bit unique, way. Knowledge of this massage was passed on orally and among family. This knowledge is based on many experiments and the underlying ideology is similar to other more well-known healing methods.

The Old Estonian massage defines itself with its rhythm, which is reminiscent of Estonian folk song and its effective handling of the body. It can best describe through words complete, strong and deeply calming

The Old Estonian massage helps keep the organism healthy and balanced and heal physical and mental problems.

Due to our country’s northern location, the Old Estonian massage is practiced through a thin layer of clothes and while laying down on a matt. This gives the massager the ability to perform stretches, pressing, shaking, lead the body into different positions and treat the body personally and fully.

Old-Estonian massage is for you if you seek for a massage that:

  • Releases from muscle tension
  • Is strong but not painful
  • Is deeply relaxing
  • very different

Effects of old Estonian massage

  • releases from muscle tension
  • activates blood and lymphatic circulation
  • improves muscle tone
  • frees you from headache
  • Stimulates tissue under skin and has therefore skin rejuvenating effect
  • Is deeply meditative