“Varesele valu, harakale haigust, mustale linnule muu tõbi… Karule kaits kapatäit, rebasele riitäis…” So said the Estonian people of the old before entering their sanctuaries, either a sauna or hiis, a sacred site within nature. The lifestyle which entailed being in harmony with nature was believed to have healing capabilities on its own; the old Estonians ventured to their sacred natural sites and asked for help from the nature spirits. They believed that everything in nature was alive and capable of healing. Herbal remedies, diet therapy, sauna complimented by birch whisks, water therapy, enchantments and the power of words, cupping, leeches, sand and clay therapy and even bee therapy are all a part of Estonian traditional medicine. Terviseks!

Services we provide in our Eco-spa

  • Body scrubs and windings
  • Old-Estonian massage
  • Massages
  • Sauna treatments
  • Leech therapy
  • Cupping
  • Blood suction cups
  • Eco ointments and creams

When introducing our nation, we are used to speaking about our national cuisine, music or dance, but an important part of our cultural heritage lays also in knowledge about different treatment methods, relaxation and self-care, knowledge of relaxation and taking care of one’s body.

All services we provide are carried with our ancestor heritage and fulfilled with rich gifts from or nature. Inheritance Eco spa means widely a day spa where you can enjoy spa where you can enjoy spa services like body cares with scrub, bath and light massage but also healing therapies as therapeutic massage, hirudo therapy and also holistic regression therapy.
Extra bonus in our cares is that most of substances we use have been taken from our own Estonian nature but we use also other good substances from other countries.

Inner peace

Therapies for soul

Thousands of years practiced shamanic rituals and healing techniques are gathered together and combined with psychotherapy to become most successful todays therapies.

Aroma therapeutic journey

Holistic regression therapy

Past life’s journey

Therapy in Maavägised

  • Helps you to deal with everyday stress and tension, gives skill to live here and now
  • Skill to create relationships with people around you and with yourself, you learn to be “yourself”
  • New supplies wake and gives you feeling of success of what you do
  • Gives deeper meaning for life.



We use only these resources for preparing our cosmetics witch origin we know for sure. Most of the herbs we grow ourselves or gather ourselves, to be sure of the highest quality of our products. Ingredient of our products is simple and contains 99% ecologically pure raw materials. For preservation, we use preserves approved by ecological manufactures.You can order creams and ointments from us which are especially produced for you according to your needs.

Relax and enjoy perfect massage

Our massages are by nature traditional. We offer old-Estonian massage or soonetasumine, this is performed by learned and skilled therapists. This massage is complete, strong and relaxing. Its peculiarity is meditative moving, shaking the body in the rhythm of our national rhythms. Supreme relaxation and relishing whole body of all tensions these are keywords in this therapy. Old Estonian massage has also therapeutic version, in here therapist uses more techniques for tense part of the body to heal it and focus is more on part of the body in need.

Relax your body and refreshen your mind with our body cares

Take a look at our body cares. We offer you a ultimate relaxation with body scrubs, wrapping, bath and light massages. You can feel like a queen in rose garden or like a girl in blooming field, here you can choose enjoyment packages and also improving health packages.

Paradise in the middle of the city – private, cosy wooden heated sauna

We have perfect wooden heated sauna, where 8 people can fit to lay down in different heights easily. There is therapist all the time with you to give you good advice and knowledge in sauna and also seals with you from the very beginning. You don’t have to do anything yourself, just let your body to relax and mind to calm

There is also possibility to have blood suction cups at sauna.

Lift your energy level, find peace in you, learn to live with full joy.

Mind therapies are good helpers for mental tiredness and against stress.Here you can enjoy aroma therapeutic journey – one of a kind in Estonia. This is good in case of stress, when tensions arise. It is good in case you need new energy boost or support in case of anxiety or distracting thoughts.

Also, you can find here deeper help in holistic regression therapy or past life journeys. Our therapist offer counselling in case you feel, that you can’t handle the situation yourself.