The healing capabilities of leeches are based on their ability to locate certain points on the body that require the stimulation of energy medians, as well as on the 400 healing enzymes that the leech secretes into the blood.

Leech therapy has very little side effects and it helps against almost all ailments, such as prophylactic blood thickening and many other illnesses. Leeches have been used as a treatment method for over 30 centuries. The popularity of this method has had its ups and downs, and the golden age of leech therapy could be considered the 18th-19th centuries.

Leeches have not only been used for treatment, but also for the prophylaxis of many diseases. Leeches have also been used as a cosmetic tool; they were set behind the ears to give cheeks a red tint and a glint to the eyes.

There have been times where leeches are remembered in connection with extremely severe diseases, where conventional medicine could no longer help and enthusiastic therapy practitioners would save the sick with this miracle working animal.

You will suffer no side effects from the good ol’ leech as you would with synthetic treatment therapies.
In addition to that, we usually don’t realise how much our whole-body benefits from the treatment of one disease with leech therapy.
You might notice some rather positive “side effects” though such as a better appetite and more fulfilling sleep. Your mood will be bettered and you will be freed of your troubling anxieties.

Some changes you will definitely notice; your metabolism will stabilize and the immune system will be activated. Diseases affecting the blood and the cardiovascular system will be destroyed.
The leech is a small miracle worker; this is proven by several long-term scientific research. It has been dubbed a “pharmaceutical mini-factory” due to its ability to produce a balanced set of bioactive substances.
The saliva of the leech holds in it several ferments, of which modern science can replicate only one; hirudin.

So what’s inside the leech’s saliva?

Hirudin, calin, destabliaas, eglin, bdellin, XA factor’s inhibitor, kaligrein’s inhibitor, kinaas, kollagenaas, triglutseridaas and 140 other, different ferments that all act to better your health. )
As you might have gathered, leeches are useful in many different ways. They treat your blood, disperse blood clots, fix the walls of your blood vessels, treat inflammations, lower blood pressure, lessen pain, disperse fats, helps your body relax, lowers cholesterol, have an antibacterial effect, as well as a rejuvenating one and they better your reflexes and energy.

The leech can help with any disease!

It’s best used against:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract
  • Locomotus aparatus diseases
  • Surgical diseases
  • Neurological diseases
  • Diseases affecting the urinary tract and sexual organs
  • Nose, ear and throat diseases
  • Endocrinological diseases
  • Dentistry diseases
  • Psychological illnesses

Customer Reminder!

The skin should be clean when coming to the leech treatment, not using fragrant shower gels, oinments, creams and perfumes must not be used beforehand. No alcohol should be consumed immediately prior to leech treatment. It is not recommended to use a blood thinner the day before and after leech treatment.

Hirudotherapy is a serious procedure that requires special care and attention from the patient.

Swelling, fever, pain, bleeding up to 48 hours, itching, redness, swelling at the site where the leeches were located may occur. Also, temperature rise, high or low blood pressure, weakness, chills, etc. It is important to drink plenty of fluids (herbal teas, clean water).

Individual differences in the body may also trigger a reaction that manifests itself latently in the exacerbation of inflammation. There is no need to fear it, because all of the above is the result of the effect of the leech saliva that has been exerted in the bloodstream in the process, which will go away after 2-3 days.

You can take a shower, but taking a bath and going to the (steam) sauna or pool is only allowed after you stop bleeding completely.

Psychological and physical peace should be maintained during the course of treatment.

Leeches are for single use only and should be destroyed after use.

Wound Care:

The wound of a leech bite is bleeding for 24-48 hours, this is a natural phenomenon. The bite of a leech is sterile. After removing the initial patch, clean the wound with an antiseptic and cover the wound with a smaller patch. The areas where the leeches are placed should not be deep-scratched to prevent infection from wounding. The skin can be cleansed with mild alcohol or saline, calendula tincture or Traumel ointment to relieve itching.