Holistic regression therapist and Estonian natural therapist.

I started my studies in international law, and moved back to myself and nature. I have always enjoyed being alone in the wild to contemplate and share my thoughts and feelings with the mother earth. Communication with the plant world has helped me better understand their healing powers and properties. I have been a friend with herbs already in childhood, and for today I’ve made herbal trays and creams, facial tonics, exfoliators and more. I like good smells and light composition and I value high quality.

I attach great importance to self-fulfilment and the satisfaction that comes from it. People are always searching for themselves in life and trying to fulfil their dreams and will in this world.

My goal as a therapist is to help a person reach out and discover deep personal desires with them. Life must be a pleasure and a joy, I see setbacks as our best teachers and guides.

For me, it is important for the body and mind to cooperate and to see the person as a whole. I have learned to work with both and often physical therapies get a mental perspective and massage or some other physical therapy can also become a spiritual journey within you. I can see the connections between body and mind set and approach clients according to their needs, opening up different perspectives and opportunities for healing.

 I enjoy strong massages and love to offer the same to my clients, EFFECTIVNES and ENJOYMENT are keywords for me in every therapy and service I offer.


  • Holistic Regression Therapist (Professional Certificate # 105328 from 2015)
  • Estonian Natural Therapist (Professional Certificate No. 127323 from 2017)