Honey massage has been used in Russia and Asia since the ancient times. It helps better blood supply and lessen muscle strain. It helps the body to get rid of excess substances through the lymph and blood circulations and stimulates the subcutaneous tissue.

Honey massage helps with cellulite and cleanses the pores in the skin.
Honey is a perfect sticky substance to rid the energy of contaminated energy. During the massage, the channels through which the energy flows in the body are cleaned, so the energy can flow in them freely once more. The honey also binds toxins and hurries up the process of removing them from the body.

This massage is good for old and loosened skin, as it will tone and trim it. It can also be used as a part of a treatment against cellulite. The procedure smooths the seals that are found under the skin, due to which it will feel silky afterwards.
In the absence of any negative reactions to the honey, this procedure can also be applied to the face; it will tone, trim and clean the skin there. Honey massage shouldn’t be confused with smearing honey over one’s body during a trip to the sauna. It’s also of great help against the common cold. In a sense, it can be compared with cupping, as it effectively affects the back. The chest and joints may also be massaged, but under no circumstances if the client has varicose veins.

It’s recommended that the client drink a lot after the honey massage. A glass of red wine is good for relaxing the muscles. It’s recommended to have a honey massage once a week. Against cellulite, however, the results will be better with a more frequent course of 8-10 massages 2-3 times per week.
It’s recommended that the client attend the massage on an empty stomach and shave their legs beforehand. The body has to be clean and have no creams or lotions applied beforehand, or the honey won’t absorb into the skin. The procedure might be painful, but it’s the pain that will lead the massager to the problematic areas of the body. However worry not; after the first procedure is over, the following will be much more pleasant.

After the procedure the patient will be left under a towel for a few minutes, and then cleaned of the honey.

Honey massage is good against:

The common cold, bronchitis
Nerve and joint pain
Tense muscles
Chronic joint problems
Digestive problems
Dry skin
It also helps better the flexibility and movement of the spine, lose weight and cleans the pores of the skin.
Alandab kaalu

The honey massage is not for you if:

You have an allergy to honey
You have wounds on your skin
You have inflammations
You have high blood pressure
You have heart rhythm disorder
You have a heart stimulator
You’re pregnant or a child
You have problems with your kidneys or liver
You have a lot of birthmarks
People with a lot of body hair might find this procedure more painful and uncomfortable