There are many therapies in the world. Some therapists give the greatest importance to changing the way people think, some put the emphasis on expressing feelings, some focus solely on the body.

Holistic regression therapy involves the whole person because holistic journeys into the inner world allow for work with body, mind, soul and spirit. On holistic journeys, clients explore their inner world, discovering the root causes of their problems in the past, and work through situations where distress began. In this way, the patterns of emotion and thought that are stuck in the past are released, people get closer to themselves and they also recover.

Holistic regression therapy (HRT) is therapy for the “normal” and supports the creation of a happy life. We are used to striving and enduring, but life does not have to be suffering. HRT’s goal is to support people to replace “normal” life with optimal life.

An optimal life is one where there is prosperity, satisfaction and happiness, but there is no lack of development and challenges. It is a life full of life, enjoying, knowing your strengths, and applying your natural talents.

Holistic “Four” – Four three-hour sessions over two weeks.

Single session – Meet or continue with the”Four”

Why seek a holistic regression therapist?

If you believe

  • that besides your body, your feelings and your thoughts, you also have a soul…
  • that you can heal your body with your spiritual energy…
  • that everything is connected to everything and that you are part of the great Whole…
  • that your development has not started with your current life and will continue even if you leave that life…

 … Then you are in the right place. If you want

more quality of life, more joy and creativity…

so that your intuition can help you more in your life …

explore your potential, abilities and opportunities…

 … Then you can get help


We will discuss what are the bottlenecks in your life, why it has not been possible for you to achieve complete satisfaction in your area of ​​interest and what you could do for yourself. From time to time, the counseling process includes exercises and tasks that will help you get closer to your goal.

In this process you can deal with all walks of life and things that need to be changed, there are no restrictions. I’ll help you understand where you are today, what caused it, and how to go on.

There is 1 hour of counseling and 1h to 30 minutes for practical exercises


Past life regression, or a journey back to past lives, helps you solve the bottlenecks in your life, get information about your purpose in life, find solutions and help with a variety of health problems, find solutions, and understand relationships.

Regression can heal both the physical and the emotional. Regression explores and heals your past life, or many past lives. Often, simply understanding where the problem originated is helpful. Regression experience is a powerful healer for a variety of problems that are beyond the scope of traditional healing methods.

During regression therapy, the client sees and experiences past life until death. This experience gives you a deep understanding of life and gives you the opportunity to look and understand this life in a whole new way.

Past life regression can be general, where the client has an interest in who he or she has been in the past life, or regression can also be directed toward a specific goal, such as a specific place, person, health problem, relationship, or other specific issue.