Foot massage is a great relaxation aid for tired feet and a good overall tone. Suitable for long days on foot or when you are sitting a lot.

foot massage incorporates influences from different massage techniques and is based on reflexology foot maps. The soles of the foot reflect the entire body of the human being and through these points it is possible to influence the whole body. According to reflexology, the further away from the affected area the more effective the treatment of the problem is. Because the feet are farthest from the vital organs, affecting the organs is most effective – it improves the body as a whole and allows the body to function normally.

Foot massage activates blood and lymph circulation, improves metabolism, relieves head, neck, back pain, allergies, metabolism, insomnia and stress, provides energy. This is not just a curative procedure – foot massage also has a preventive effect. In fact, foot massage not only applies to the foot, but also to the lower leg and knees, making it a particularly useful procedure for those who do a lot of walking on a daily basis.

Foot massage can come straight from the street without worrying about the cleanliness of your feet as well as pedicure.

The massage begins with a foot wash in the fragrant foot bath, where the herbs used are picked directly from our own environment and the cream, specially selected for relaxation and disinfection, works well on tired feet, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces inflammation and edema. Before the massage, just keep in mind that you should not eat very hard about an hour before.

After the footwear, the masseur places towels around his feet and begins to process the feet one by one. In those areas that affect some problem areas of the body, massage can be a little more painful. Similarly, the problematic part of the body may signal pain by working on this point affecting it.

After a massage it is advisable to drink a glass of warm water or herbal tea, and for one hour you should not wash your feet.


What Are The Benefits Of Foot Massage And When Should It Be Avoided?

The goals of foot massage are to improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism, improve breathing, reduce muscle stiffness, improve waste product excretion, relax, reduce stress and depression, improve hormonal balance, strengthen the immune system, activate the effects of rehabilitation, improve sleep quality, reduce pain sensations.It is therefore helpful if you are afflicted with: constipation, cystitis, headache, migraine, kidney disease, gallstones, sinus inflammation, stress, painful muscle tension. 

Foot massage is not appropriate if you are intoxicated, if you have an acute (viral) disease or you have a fever, if you are pregnant or have menstruation, if you have severe cardiovascular disease, if you have skin problems on your feet, problems with your feet (bone thinning, fracture less than 6 months ago, recent trauma) if you have a tumor, if you have diabetes and need to inject insulin to treat it, if you have asthma that you breathe in.