Contraindications and side effects of leech treatment


I wrote about the benefits of leech treatment in the previous article, but as with any case, there are contraindications to this treatment.

The most important is haemophilia, which is blood clotting. You should not panic now whether it is present or not. Believe me, if you have haemophilia, you know it, the disease is severe enough and will certainly go noticed.

In haemophilia, blood clotting is not just because the blood in the wound does not get well, but the problem is much more serious.

Why not do it? Leeches make blood fluid and blood that does not coagulate is then even less coagulable and the result can be fatal.

Another contraindication is low haemoglobin for this it should be less than 110, otherwise less than 120 will be done with caution, that is, less leeches and shorter time.

In anaemia, hirudo treatment is contraindicated, as this treatment also causes blood loss, so low haemoglobin causes it to fall further, resulting in even more severe anaemia.

Long-term cancer treatment. During this time, no therapy is actually performed without the permission of your doctor. The reason is simple – in the case of cancer, no one knows in advance what a certain thing can lead to and it keeps to tried and tested regimens.

Severe inflammation and fever, generally no one reaches the therapist in this condition, but there are exceptions here, with gum inflammation providing immediate relief.

Various conditions have been mentioned by people that could be a contraindication, but none of them is a definite contraindication, but rather an individual one and is a matter of trying.

In our previous article on hirudotherapy, one reader wrote that a heart stimulator is a contraindication. However, this should not be taken seriously. Rather, it is an indication, since leech treatment contributes to the normal functioning of the heart and cannot affect the stimulant’s function in any way. This was probably an individual intolerance.

Often, discomfort caused by this treatment is also considered as a contraindication, and here I would like to say that there are few treatments that are comfortable and that you should suffer for health less or more anyway.

So, what are these discomforts

Let’s start with the fact that during leech treatment a person loses a lot of blood and this blood not only runs into the leech stomach but also comes out later. Usually it takes about 10 hours and a lot of blood. There is nothing to do with the regular patch on the leech hole. Our salon covers the holes with a wound pillow, and the with “artificial leather” instead of a regular patch. It is a silicone miracle – a thin patch that is transparent and very comfortable, in addition to its comfort it is also suitable for allergy sufferers and since this patch does not allow water to pass, you can also take a shower. In addition, it also holds well blood that at some point tends to seep through and ruin clothes. But of course, you are not protected here either because the patch is thin and if there is a lot of blood it can break. Therefore, it is still advisable to change the patch properly. If necessary, you can purchase it from us. This patch eliminates the need for any wadding or thick bandages. you can go home safely and feel comfortable.

How long will the blood come?

If you look at it all seems normal, the blood is seeping quietly but consistently, and in the end, it can be much, usually much more than is believed. For the longest time, I have seen blood come for three days. There is no reason for panic, no one runs out of blood and no need to go to sew a hole in the cover of the emergency room, but you may be weak. Then it is advisable to rest anyway.

Allergic reactions can occur, all holes itch less or more. It depends on the place and the state of your body health. Itching can also occur around the surface of the body, causing allergic blemishes, bruising and swelling. At times, this place may even seem to rot. usually there is no abscess because the leech’s saliva is a disinfectant and a cure for inflammation, but this place can be ugly. Such reactions should be reported to the therapist, so he or she knows how to proceed or to what to pay attention. It would be good if the therapist’s contact is available during the process, then there is always confidence and support. I have had to persuade many clients to continue the course and they have been very grateful later. You can still overcome difficulties by sharing and asking for support, and that’s the reason to have therapist next to you all the time.

As a general rule, someone who goes to hirudo therapy has to find someone who can help with wounds later,

since many treatment points are also behind your back and it is difficult to apply a patch properly with your hand.


Leeches tend to pull the fire out of the ashes, meaning that if there is a dormant inflammation or untreated disease in the body, they bring it up. Fever may occur, swelling in the leech treatment sites may be large and hot. From the therapist’s point of view, this is all good. More reaction means more healing and in the end the customer is happy that the hard way has been done and the health is significantly better


It is not always possible for a person to immediately understand how much good they have done to the body. Leech treatment takes a lot of time and is often sneaking in its effect, ie the effect comes so slowly that the person gets used to their new feeling so that they do not realize that the change is already there. Many customers come back in a few months and say that they only realized the effect of the leech when the saliva of the leech stopped working in the body. The effect of saliva is still 1.5-2 months after the bite.

Many conditions change permanently but there are chronic illnesses that alleviate but need constant action. In leeches, after a proper course of treatment, depending on the disease, it means either re-covering the leeches every 1.5 to 2 months, or, for example, in the case of varicose veins, people go to the cure every few years

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